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Glen Oaks Cumberland
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This site was created for the Homeowner's Association. It was made to attract prospective residents to Glen Oaks and also to function as a center for any neighborhood information that could be needed by its residents. This site is currently active and updated monthly.

Indy Christian

Indy Christian Hub is a website designed to link Christians with Christian activities in and around the Indianapolis area. It is still in development but is partially functional. It is designed to be mainly self-sufficient once completed. The users will input their own points of interest (bookstores, music events, etc.), as well as perform content editing (like flagging item as inappropriate). The site is created mainly with PHP and uses MySQL to create login functions, add events and organizations to the database, and view the database in a user-friendly manner

Erica Salmon Photography

Erica Salmon Photography

Erica Salmon is photographer from the Indianapolis area. She takes a journalistic approach to photography and loves to capture those natural, spontaneous moments. This is a fairly simple website that displays some of her work, as well as services and pricing.

InterVarsity at IUPUI

InterVarsity was a campus organization that promoted Christian fellowship on campus. For the last year of my college career I was fortunate enough to take over their website. It was created to be the main means of communication for the IUPUI Chapter of InterVarsity. This site is designed beautifully and balances a fun look with functionality. This site was created with Dreamweaver and Java Script. Once I graduated I was unable to maintain the site, so it is quite out of date.

Warsaw Project Space

Warsaw Project Space is an art gallery in Cincinnati Ohio. I worked closely with one of the co-directors to produce a website that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Even though this was a very demanding client who insisted on having total control over the design aspect of the site this was the most enjoyable project that I have worked on yet.


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